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Find an IELTS test date in Morocco by entering your criteria below and clicking 'Find'.

IELTS Application

To register for the IELTS Test in Morocco please:

1. Enter your personal data into the candidates' online database in the registration system.
Note: Sessions will not be visible in the system after the registration deadline (1 week) or if tests are already full.

2. Upload a clearly legible scan of your Identification Document. You can open a guide for ID upload here.
Alternatively, you can also send your documents to us via e-mail

3. Pay the required fee of 1800 MAD - either directly via Visa/Master card, or by bank transfer (our bank details will be sent to you via automated e-mail after your online application).
If you pay via bank transfer, please send us a preliminary proof of payment (e.g. bank transfer receipt, online banking screenshot etc.) immediately after your online registration. If we do not receive this within 5 days, your application will be cancelled.

4. Please note that the administration for ALL tests ANYWHERE in Morocco is done via our office in Rabat. Please send your documents, if you are not using the online upload facility, to our office in Rabat by email, regardless of WHERE in Morocco you will take the test.
Once we have checked your registration and your payment is booked to our account (instantly for credit card payments, up to 7 days for bank transfers), you are sent an automated confirmation e-mail for your test seat.


You will receive the detailed timings, exact addresses of your test location(s) and further test day information by e-mail 1 week before the written test date.

Please insert your (mobile) PHONE NUMBER in the candidate details pages so we can contact you quickly in case of changes. Thank you.

Please note that, as part of our ongoing commitment to test security, all IELTS candidates will have their photograph taken by IELTS staff just before the test. This photo will then appear on the candidates’ Test Report Forms (TRF).

British Council / IELTS Team
5eme Etage11 Av Allal Ben Abdellah. BP: 427
Rabat | Morocco
T +212 (0)80 200 1045 (Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00)
F +212 (0)537 760 850

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