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Find an IELTS test date in Nigeria by entering your criteria below and clicking 'Find'.

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1. Please ensure you confirm the exact module you are registering for from the Authority that is requesting proof of English.

2. Online payments can only be made with Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards. Please ensure your card is enabled for online payments and there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction. You should contact your bank for confirmation of your verification code before you begin. Also ensure your card is present at the point of registration as you will not be able to go back to pay online for the same date.

For candidates who opt to pay online via Mastercard or Visa debit/credit cards, the test fee is: NGN 35,000

For candidates who opt to pay offline via direct bank deposit or via bank draft, the test fee is: NGN 38,000

3 Please ensure your international passport is still valid on your chosen test date.

4. You can only use the name that appears on your international passport. If you have undergone a name change, ensure the change is effected on your valid international passport.

5. Please ensure that you give a clear and detailed mailing address on the application form and ensure you break the address on the different address fields. Otherwise you can choose to pick your results at the British Council office closest to you. Please do not give PO Box or PMB as these would NOT be delivered

6. If you would like to request for additional copies of your results to be sent to institutions abroad, please include the complete addresses with area codes as well as your case number with the organisation. Otherwise, you can apply for these when you receive your scores 13 days after your test date. Please visit this link to know how:

7. If you choose online payment option you would need to bring in the online application summary and photocopy of bio-data page of the international passport on your speaking test day.

Final points:

  • Please bear in mind that the Speaking test could come up within 7 days around the test date you registered for. A notice will be sent 4-7 days before the test date to notify you of your schedule and venue.
  • Please ensure you appear for your test with the original international passport as no other form of identification will be allowed. The international passport presented must match the one used during registration.
  • Please retain a copy of your online payment confirmation or confirmation receipt in the event of applying for refund. Please see the refund policy here:


Our Business hours are 8:30am - 3:30pm, Monday to Thursday

8:30am - 12pm, Friday.


Telephone: 01-4603090-9




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