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Find an IELTS test date in Portugal by entering your criteria below and clicking 'Find'.

IELTS Application

Please note that in order to  conclude your test enrolment, you will need to pay online. 

Before beginning the registration process, you should have your credit card with you.



To register for the IELTS Test in Portugal you should:


1. Enter your personal data into the candidates’ on-line database in the registration system. Please bear in mind that sessions will not be visible in the system if they are already completely full or it is after the registration deadline. Once your application has been submitted, you cannot go back to change your details.
Please make sure that you fill in your address carefully with full street, house number, post code and city details. This is the address to which we will send your Test Report Form after the test. If this information is incorrect you may not receive your results by post. If you realise you have made a mistake after you have submitted your application, please contact us by email to inform us of the error and we can make any necessary corrections.
PLEASE FILL IN YOUR FULL TELEPHONE NUMBER - this information will not be used for marketing or other 3rd party activities. It will be used to contact you in case of emergencies only.
You will need to upload a copy of your passport or ID (front and back on a single page) document during the application process. Please make sure the document you upload or send us conforms to the following:


2. A clearly legible, colour copy of either your valid passport including signature page OR both sides of your national ID card (whichever you used to apply for the test) on a single page. Your scanned document must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. The dimensions must be smaller than 1600 by 1600 pixels and the file size should be 1.5MB or less
NB: If you get a new passport or ID card between applying for and taking the test you MUST send us a copy of your new ID/passport immediately!


4. You will receive the FULL address of your test venue and further test day information after receipt of your payment. This information will be sent to you by e-mail approximately 1 week before your test date.

NB: If you have not heard from us by 3 days before your test, please call or email us and we will resend the information.


5. One copy of the results will be sent out to you by post on the 13th day after the test date. At your request we will also send the results to institutions at the same time, as most institutions insist on receiving results directly from us. A Test Report Form records overall performance and performance in the individual modules with a score range of 1-9 (ranging from absolute beginner to expert user).
We offer a service which will allow you to have access to your results online by using a link which you will be sent in your test day information email. You will be able to do this on the 13th day after your test, after 17:00.


Special Needs Requests
• Candidates with a disability or other condition which might require special arrangements, should submit a request at least six weeks before the desired test date. A medical certificate is essential for special arrangements to be put in place.
• Each case will be considered individually.
British Council intensive IELTS preparation courses
The British Council runs intensive IELTS preparation courses for the Academic module in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. For further information, including enrolment dates, times and fees, please contact: 210456210

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